Tristar Group currently has 3 Opportunity Zone (OZ) Projects in Baltimore City—

Opportunity Zones were enacted into federal law through the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 to spur private investment in distressed communities across the United States. The program provides a federal tax incentive for investors, who invest in real estate projects and operating businesses located in designated low-income communities through deferral and partial tax reductions of reinvested capital gains, and forgiveness of tax on new capital gains.

TSG Opportunity Zone Projects are available to Accredited Investors through Qualified Opportunity Zone Funds.

The Office Suites at St. Paul Place

Office Building: 12500 SF of rentable (Condo) office space available for sale by floor


Mixed Use Development 1

Mixed Use: 105 new-construciton, modern apartments and 11,000 SF of destination cultural restaurants, bars, and cafes surrounding a mini park created within the project.


Mixed Use Development 2

Mixed Use: 524,000 SF project that includes 227 market-rate apartment units, 15,724 SF of retail, 37,363 SF of office, and a 457-space structured parking garage



Investors interested in taking advantage of Opportunity Zone tax benefit, must invest realized capital gains into a Qualified Opportunity Fund within 180 days that the capital gains are realized. The tax benefits associated with a Qualified Opportunity Fund are three fold:

1. Deferral on the original capital gains taxes invested in a Qualified Opportunity Fund until 2026 (or the sale of the investment)

2.Reduction of capital gains tax on the original capital gain investment by 10 percent after a 5-year hold and 15 percent after a 7-year hold

3. Tax-free appreciation on the original capital gains if an investment is held for at least 10 years; the investor pays no capital gains taxes on appreciation in the investment above the original capital gains investment.

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