Tristar Group is pleased to introduce Real Estate Investor Radio a new podcast coming soon to iTunes and available now at

Real Estate Investor Radio is an informative, educational and entertaining podcast designed to help investors do what we do—build long term wealth through real estate with multi-­family, vacation rentals, buy and hold cash flow models and more.

REIR Host, Susan Colwell

Real Estate Investor Radio is hosted by Public Radio veteran and seasoned real estate investor Susan Colwell. It provides wealth-­building strategies that Susan and her partners at TriStar Group—a Baltimore, Md., real estate investment firm, employ on behalf of their own passive investors. Susan and partners Raphael Cassagnol and Steve Briggs share a combined 73 years of successful real estate investing. The podcast focuses on wisdom gained through their proven long-­term track record along with the expertise, experience and advice of Susan’s guests.

In these episodes, Susan talks with authors, mentors, show hosts, developers, realtors, bankers and lenders, her piers, her partners, her investors and the professionals who TriStar Group works with for their own transactions. These interviews will give listeners an inside look at active real estate investing.

To learn more about Real Estate Investor Radio and enjoy our free educational series now just click here.